Want the best baking results and more convenience? Than ceramic tiles are the solution.
The ceramic pan Bergner Allure has a solid base that consists of no less than six layers. Steel 1x, 2x and 3x aluminum ceramics. This makes it virtually impossible for the pan warps (even after repeated use) ........ read more Bergner Allure

This revolutionary and super trendy ceramic cookers, frying pans, casseroles and oven pans Bergner White Night lift cooking up a new unprecedented level!
The pans, frying pans, casseroles and oven pans are environmentally friendly, economical, scratch-resistant and ensure that nothing can fix cook. Also, clean the pan very easily. The pan has the inner side a three-layer ceramic coating on the outside and a sustainable (exclusive) enamel coating ........ read more Bergner White Night

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