Want the best baking results and more convenience? Then ceramic tiles are the solution.

The ceramic pan Bergner Allure has a solid base that consists of no less than six layers. Steel 1x, 2x and 3x aluminum ceramics. As a result, it is virtually impossible that the pan warps (even after repeated use).

World famous is the pan from Bergner (pioneer in the field of ceramic tiles), because of the ceramic inner layer that provides a number of advantages. The soil is so smooth that products can not possibly stick (caking). This one can bake all products without butter. You can with pancakes, eggs but also with meat, fish and vegetables potatoes.

Baking without butter is much better but a lot healthier!

If you bake without fat in your diet certainly helps. Many people have lost weight with the help of ceramic tiles.

May also loosen no toxic particles of the soil and mix with your food like Teflon pans (the best-selling non-stick pan). The bottom is of scratch-resistant ceramic.

If one is actually firing, it is striking that the whole product is evenly browned all over, because the pan has no hotspots. The whole bottom is thus the same temperature.

The pan will heat up faster and retains heat better fixed, you can even grab while the heat is already off.

It is also true that the product is very easy to pour out of the pan is. Nothing sticks to the bottom, so the pan is already almost clean when the pan is emptied.

These ceramic pan Bergner is of superior quality and much better if the pans which are sold on most television channels. Do not go for quantity but for quality!

This ceramic pot is the biggest breakthrough in your kitchen in fifty years. This carried with revolutionary solid ceramic surface, non-stick cookware combines the best of old and new techniques.

Baking with butter can also, and if you still bake with butter, the butter under the meat drill seep giving you a stronger and more flavorful gravy.

Now you can have your meals healthier and faster cooking, you save on energy costs and make the pan faster clean.

Suitable for all heat sources
Our pans are all suitable for all heat sources. Gas, induction, ceramic, halogen or electric is possible. With ordinary non-stick pans, the non-stick pan out in your food so there may be dangerous anti-aanbakmaterialen and chemicals in your food. Ceramics, there is no mystery, no magic, no hazardous chemicals, just pure clean ceramics. And our pan remains clean and white.

The handle is never too hot to tackle because the ergonomic handle remains cool.

Our ceramic pan is suitable for all heat sources (including induction).

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