This revolutionary and super trendy ceramic cookers, frying pans, saucepans and oven pans Bergner White Night lift cooking up a new unprecedented level!
The pans are environmentally friendly, economical, scratch-resistant and ensure that nothing can fix cook. Also, clean the pan very easily.
The pan has on the inner side a 3-layer ceramic coating on the outside and a sustainable (exclusive) enamel coating.
The secret of the ceramic coating of the White Knight, the silicon microparticles. These components are the building blocks of glass and biodegradable. The components are mixed with water and then the aluminum surface is easily applied by spraying. It makes for a perfect homogeneous non-stick coating.
The powerful induction suitable soil (also suitable for all other sources of heat) consists of 5 layers (steel, aluminum, and 3 layers of ceramics). The thickness of 5.5 mm more than in any similar cookers. This design provides also a high thermal efficiency. The content is heated faster than any other pan.
The durable enamel exterior ensures special protection and is highly resistant to scratches, heat and other influences. Even after prolonged use, the White Knight retains its original color.
It is particularly fashionable design an addition for the modern kitchen

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